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About Me. rebecca-neeld

I am an emotionally focused therapist (EFT) who’s orientation is relational and psychoanalytic. This implies that in working with clients we (the client and I) would be listening to the narrative of their past and present lives, thinking about these important relationships and what sense these relationships and experiences with key people had and continue to have on one’s life both consciously and unconsciously. These patterns of relating to others and oneself can repeat at times in ways that are unfulfilling. Recognising the triggers that bring about distress and disconnection from others can enable us to develop more helpful ways of relating.

Having a confidential space to explore and understand yourself more can lead to a more satisfying life.Understanding and exploring the thoughts and feelings from the past and how these issues are replayed with people in the present can bring about a helpful change.

The difficulties that bring one to therapy may vary. It may be a general feeling of low grade unhappiness, depression, difficulties with work, career or in ones family with children or partner. Issues of loss, grief, self-esteem, weight, sexual dysfunction may all be reasons to seek help.

It would be likely that if you embark on a course of therapy with me – that we would be meeting weekly and that sessions would be for an hour or up to an hour and a half. It is possible that we might meet more or less often, this would be negotiable.

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